Authorities & Mandates
Key Requirements
Provide Essential Public Health Services

Provide personal health promotion and maintenance services; infectious disease control and prevention services; environmental and consumer health programs; public health education and information services; laboratory services; and administrative services

Perform Health Authority Duties

Administer state and local laws relating to public health

Report Notifiable Conditions

Receive reports of notifiable conditions and report them to TDSHS

Enforce Animal Cruelty/Disposition of Cruelly-Treated Animals Regulations

Enforce and apply state standards and regulations regarding animal cruelty and disposition of cruelly treated animals

Enforce Animal Regulations

Regulate and permit dangerous dog and dangerous wild animals. Administer pet licensing program, enforce leash laws and prohibit roadside sale of animals.

Provide Rabies Eradication and Control Services

Investigate animal-to-people bites. Enforce rabies vaccination/quarantine requirements and standards

Meet Animal Shelter and Euthanasia Standards

Ensure that the County animal shelter meets or exceeds state standards for animal shelters and euthanasia

Provide Dog and Cat Sterilization Services

Ensure that pets adopted from the County animal shelter are neutered

Provide Mosquito Control Services

Provide surveillance, education and control of mosquito-borne disease in compliance with State licensure requirements and regulations regarding pesticide/herbicide application

Enforce Food Safety Regulations

Permit and inspect food establishments to ensure compliance with state regulations

Enforce Neighborhood Nuisance Abatement Law

Abate public nuisances through owner notification and prosecution

Enforce Occupational Health and Safety Regulations

Enforce state standards and regulations

Enforce Public Drinking Water Regulations

Inspect public drinking water systems to ensure compliance with state standards and regulations

Enforce Swimming Pool Regulations

Inspect public swimming pools to ensure compliance with state standards and regulations

Comply with TPDES Pesticides General Permit

Minimize discharges resulting from application of pesticides to waters of the U.S.; prepare and maintain a Pesticide Discharge Management Plan

Enforce Litter Abatement Law

Monitor the disposal of litter and investigate illegal dumping activities to ensure compliance with state rules and regulations

Ensure Privacy of Protected Health Information

Ensures application of HIPAA privacy and confidentiality standards for protected health information, including those related to electronic health records.

Perform Emergency Preparedness and Response Activities

Prepare for and respond to public health emergencies and disasters.